Commercial Illustration

Bits and bobs of illustration work, all commercial.

Editorial Illustrations


Set of editorial illustrations for news topics on the blog of a US dating website.

Three images - hand holding passport for check, mean-looking immigration official, hand raised indicating entry refused.

Editorial illustration (immigration refusing entry to the US to Filipina on tourist visa)
Two hands holding, one woman, one man, in pink.

Editorial illustration (helping keep love alive).
Computer screen (showing image of dating site) as bait in a bear trap.

Editorial illustration (beware of scammers on online dating websites)

Callcentre Illustration


Grey and blue illustration of faceless callcentre staff at computers and phones.

Editorial illustration, for an article on callcentre work. Rejected. I do not like callcentres very much, I think they wanted something more cheery.

T-shirt Graphics


Werewolf's clawed hand ripping a flat green background.

Tee shirt graphic. Pretty self-explanatory. Pen & ink, Photoshop and a screenprinting setup.
Trolley lying on side, b&w drawing on orange background.

Tee shirt graphic. It’s a discarded trolley lying in a puddle, drawn from life, so there you go. Pen & ink, Photoshop and a screenprinting setup.
B&w drawing of a guitar amplifier on a maroon background.

Tee shirt graphic. It’s an amp, and the original drawing I inked is ancient, originally drawn for a club night at Foundation in Newcastle. You can work that one out yourself (the club was in it’s final year). Pen & ink, Photoshop and a screenprinting setup.
B&w image of fists punching, against a bluebackground.

Tee shirt graphic. Smack. Pen & ink, Photoshop and a screenprinting setup.

Cities in Texas CD Cover


Drawing of Austin, Texas, simple straight lines and block brown and blue colour blocks.

CD cover for a US noise band. Yes, the style looks like Feininger’s, what of it?