Drawings 01

Assorted drawings. There’s more on Flickr. And there’s more in drifts around my house. And on every diary and notepad I own. But this is just a small selection.

Patterned Model


Pencil drawing of a girl sitting on rock, with the pattern from her dress extending over all objects in the landscape.

Fashion illustration, one of a set for some smallprint culture magazine in Manchester. Pencil/graphite.



Picture of Queen Elizabeth II's face, complete with large hat.

It’s Hermadge! Part of some Jubilee-themed imagery. Drawn in black India ink.



Profile of a Chinese soldier, in ballpoint pen.

Profile of a Chinese soldier, I think from a Guardian piece on China – he’s standing in Tianamen Square if I remember right. Became a very much larger ink drawing, in black and red with driving snow, which is owned by a friend, and which I forgot to take a picture of.
Drawn with several black Bic biros.