James Booth

Branding and website for video director and photographer James Booth.

Tasked with producing branding and a website for video director and photographer James Booth, I developed a responsive, minimal WordPress theme; a blank gallery in which his work could be hung.

Clean white webpage with 3 photos.
Landing page for the photography section.

To optimise the presentational display of both photos and videos, a switch was included to allow the site to be viewed against either a light or a dark background, with the the choice cookied for that particular section. The fullscreen API was also leveraged (albeit conditionally, via Modernizr).

Flat black webpage with video displayed.

A video page from the site, with dark background selected.

For viewing at smaller sizes, the site navigation shifts to a slide-out panel on the left of screen, following common mobile design patterns. Smaller image sizes are automatically chosen, and unneeded text is stripped away.

Two shots of the wesite on a moile phone, one with menu open, one closed.

One of the photo pages as it displays on mobile.

The clean, spare look of the site was transferred across to the rest of the promotional matériel; the logotype on James’ business cards is shown here.

Pencil sketch of a monogram made of a 'J' and a 'B'

Sketch of James’ monogrammed logotype.
Clean white business card with monogrammed J and B in centre.

Business card designed for James.